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Imagine your Business in a Shopping Centre and sell like the big ones!

If you love selling to Local Customers, You'll LOVE selling on Local Shop Hub|We bring your Target Audience to Your HubShop and help them purchase from you.|And helping them to buy from you again.|And again.

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Local Shop Hub - The Unmissable Local Sales Solution

If you run a Local Shop or offer Local Services,
you simply can't ignore this once-in-lifetime opportunity. This has been tailored especially for YOU:

Let us ask you 3 questions: Would you like make higher revenue in your Business? Are you able to handle higher amount of orders? Are you doing your work? to Come and let us show you how your Business can gain more revenue! look around for free Lets' The only Ultimate Local Shopping Solution for Irish Local Shops and Businesses The only Ultimate Local Shopping Solution for Irish Local Shops and Businesses If you love your Local Shop, you'll love Local Shop Hub
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Before you go... Let's do a quick test...

...to see if Local Shop Hub is for you at all:


Do you (mainly) sell to Local Residents rather than other businesses?
Also, are you looking to BOOST your business revenue and your business IS ABLE to handle higher amount of orders?

If you sell to residential market (B2C) rather than to other businesses, that's great! Lets go to next step!
(It doesn't matter whether you have walk in shop or NOT, you already sell online / social media or not)
If you mainly sell to other businesses (B2B), then sorry...

Does your business handleCustomer care in profissional manner?

If you are NOT interested in selling more OR your Business is simply couldn't handle it, then we are NOT that you are looking for...

Are you open minded to a brand new Local Sales solution that you have never seen before?

This gives your business possibilities you never seen along with business income increase - but you must adhere to some easy rules (committed in Long Term Success Story)

If you answered 'YES' to ALL of these questions, then you simply can't avoid being part of Local Shop Hub

Don't leave it to your competitor, Your Business also deserves us!

Let's dive in NOW

Try our Premium Local Shopping service risk free - you're covered with 77 days Money Back Guarantee - with no hassle

No long commitments - 30 days rolling contract with money back guarantee in first 77 days

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Start Boosting Your Sales

Real Sales Solution for Your Local Business

Sell to Local Residents just like being in a Shopping Centre!

Hard to startAll-in-One gives You Turnkey service helps your first steps in the World of Local focus on your Customers

Leave Sell to Local Residents just like big ones sell in Shopping Centres!

Fully Operating, Easy-to-Use Webshop

Easy-to-Use eCommerce features allow you to sell online to Local Residents nearby to you or even nationwide!

Direct Card Payments to Your Account

When Customer pays by card, your account receives the payment instantly

Introduce your Business on your Virtual ShopFront

Allow Prospective Customers to get familiar with your Business and build trust

Get Noticed by potential Local Customers

Potential Customers find you without the hassle of social media advertising

UNLIMITED Products, Images, with NO Listing Fees

Design your ShopFront and Webshop as they are in real life

FREE Easy-to-Use Self-Service Admin area

You can easily add products, images, change your ShopFront, without any extra charge!

Get noticed by potential Local Customers

Potential Customers find you without the hassle of social media advertising

Let Your New and Existing Customers to order from you

Sell Online on a Full Featured, professional Local Shopping platform

No Tech background needed

Focus on your Customers and leave all tech stuff for us!

Local Business friendly, Crystal clear pricing structure

No listing fees or high sales commission.

FREE Guidance

We point you to right direction to ensure maximising your sales opportunities on Local Shop Hub.

Invite your Customers and Friends and get rewards!

So Local Shop Hub will invite Local Residents of YOUR area to Your Webshop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Business needs Local Shop Hub?

Your Business can gain extra revenue from Local Residents of Your area. We bring people to your (virtual) shop.

I communicate to my audience on social media, I don't need new stuff

Managing social media for business takes lots of time and/or lots of money. You hardly rarely can get new sales from social media unless you run paid advertisement. Social media is getting very expensive in recent years.

Instead, We simply focus on Local Residents of Your Locality - exactly those who Your Business focuses, any we help them to get to know you then start purchasing from you.

I already have a webshop, I don't need Local Shop Hub

Having a webshop does not necessary mean that you get enough sales from it.

Or even, has it already brought in the cost of the website?

How often do you update it with products, information, images, etc?

How much does it cost you? (in both in terms of money and time spent on maintaining it)

With a small monthy fee and very low commission, your Target audience will really find you on your professional virtual shop!

We are the sales channel of Future for Local Shops and Businesses. We simply bring Local Shoppers to you.

Is it a directory where I can add my business details and webshop address?


We are not a business directory..

We are an active Local Shopping solution, as we help Local Shoppers with their Local Shopping in their favourite shops - and beyond.

If you love Local Shoppers, simply you can't afford not being on Local Shop Hub!

Do you also charge businesses 12-15% or even more commission after purchases?

No. We don't believe in huge commissions.

We have a tiny commisson 2% (two). and once you sign up, it's fixed for you and we won't increase it.

Who issues invoice and ships the products to the Customer?

Local Shop Hub acts as an agent between participating businesses and customers, help connecting them. Therefore, all participating businesses issue their own invoices and sends products directly to Customers.

Did you find the answer and got satisfied? Sign up now!

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It's time to make your Customers' life easier! Let them purchase from You, through their convenient Local Shop Hub account!
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