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Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Business needs Local Shop Hub?

Your Business can gain extra revenue from Local Residents of Your area. We bring people to your (virtual) shop.

I communicate to my audience on social media, I don't need new stuff

Managing social media for business takes lots of time and/or lots of money. You hardly rarely can get new sales from social media unless you run paid advertisement. Social media is getting very expensive in recent years.

Instead, We simply focus on Local Residents of Your Locality - exactly those who Your Business focuses, any we help them to get to know you then start purchasing from you.

I already have a webshop, I don't need Local Shop Hub

Having a webshop does not necessary mean that you get enough sales from it.

Or even, has it already brought in the cost of the website?

How often do you update it with products, information, images, etc?

How much does it cost you? (in both in terms of money and time spent on maintaining it)

With a small monthy fee and very low commission, your Target audience will really find you on your professional virtual shop!

We are the sales channel of Future for Local Shops and Businesses. We simply bring Local Shoppers to you.

Do you also charge businesses 12-15% or even more commission after purchases?

No. We don't believe in huge commissions.

We have a tiny commisson 2% (two). and once you sign up, it's fixed for you and we won't increase it.

Is it a directory where I can add my business details and webshop address?


We are not a business directory..

We are an active Local Shopping solution, as we help Local Shoppers with their Local Shopping in their favourite shops - and beyond.

If you love Local Shoppers, simply you can't afford not being on Local Shop Hub!

I wish to make a purchase in a Barber shop, but I don't wish to book a specific appointment straight. Is it possible?

If the relevant Business requires to book an appointment upon placing a purchase, then you need to book an appointment.

Also, Businesses are able to sell eVouchers as well. If you purchase eVouchers, the amount can be paid at time of checkout but no appointment needs to be selected.

At a later stage when you wish to book an appointment, you simply place an order with the appointment date/time most suitable, and pay conveniently with the previously purchased eVoucher.

How much does accepting card payments cost on Local Shop Hub?

Card payment is processed with our safe 3rd party Card Payment provider, which is currently Stripe. They charge you a small fee after each purchase, for their current pricing please click here.

How safe is paying by Card on Local Shop Hub?

Card payment service is provided by Stripe - all payment details including card information are handled directly by Stripe.

Local Shop Hub does NOT have access to, does NOT hold, does NOT keep and does NOT store payment card information.

For further information, please see our Safe and Secure Shopping policy.

How does card payment work?

Each Business who has a Local Shop Hub Webshop and wishes to accept credit or bank card payments, also has an active business account at our Card Payment Provider - which is currently Stripe. Their Stripe account is linked to their Local Shop Hub account. This enables that:

  1. Local Shop Hub steps out of being in middle in terms of payment processing;
  2. Funds of each card payment go directly to the Stripe account of the relevant Businesses straight after an order placed and its payment has been approved by the Stripe - so Local Shop Hub don't receive and forward any funds from any orders placed in Local Shop Hub Webshop, it's fair enough, isn't it?
  3. The balance of each Stripe account is transferred to each Business' regular Business Current Account linked to their Stripe account every 7 days.
  4. If an unlikely event occurs (disputes, chargeback from Customers' Card Issuer, etc.), it needs to be handled between the Business and Stripe directly.

Accepting Credit Card payment on Local Shop Hub is based on both Local Shop Hub Business's and Stripe's Terms and Conditions.

For further information, please see click on the links above.

What are the limitations on number of Customers, purchases, products etc. in Local Shop Hub webshop?

Good news! We are not operating based on limiting numbers of any of these. So you can handle:

  • UNLIMITED Customers;
  • UNLIMITED Purchases;
  • UNLIMITED Products

in Local Shop Hub. And unlimited means unlimited!

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