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We'd prefer our customers to pay on site with cash or contactless, rather than online. Is it possible?

Certainly. You can set up your webshop not to accept payment during booking. In this case, bookings are marked as 'UNPAID'.

Please note, in this case you might need to handle bigger amount of no shows than when amount is pre paid, especially at foreseeable future no walk-in services allowed / suggested.

We are Barber Shop where multiple barbers work in same time. How can Local Shop Hub handle all the appointments?

If your Business is able to handle multiple Customers at the same time in accordance with the current Health & Safety Regulations, the way how you wish to handle appointments can be set up in Local Shop Hub.

E.g: if you allow Customers to book a particular staff member upon booking, you can set this up in system as well. In this case Customers can select their preferred staff member or simply choosing "any staff" if they don't wish so.

If you don't wish to let Customers to book particular staff members, your webshop will offer the same number of free appointments at a time as the number of staff available without Customers being able to select their preference and bookings will be allocated to the available staff randomly.

However, Customers will still be able to leave "notes" at checkout and you can take it into consideration to override automatism before the particular timeslot occurs.

Local Shop Hub can handle appointments of any size of on site Businesses, Barber Shops, Hairdressers, Beauty services etc.

How does appointment management work?

If your Business operates with appointment only basis eg. you are a Barber, Hairdresser, Beauty provider or even a Restaurant, etc. your Customers need to book an appointment to you during placing the order. Local Shop Hub offers Appointment Management service for any Business. This can be activated and set up on your Business Dashboard.

Once it is set up on your Dashboard, the system offers available slots to your Customers

For further information please contact us.

How much does accepting card payments cost on Local Shop Hub?

Card payment is processed with our safe 3rd party Card Payment provider, which is currently Stripe. They charge you a small fee after each purchase, for their current pricing please click here.

How safe is paying by Card on Local Shop Hub?

Card payment service is provided by Stripe - all payment details including card information are handled directly by Stripe.

Local Shop Hub does NOT have access to, does NOT hold, does NOT keep and does NOT store payment card information.

For further information, please see our Safe and Secure Shopping policy.

How does card payment work?

Each Business who has a Local Shop Hub Webshop and wishes to accept credit or bank card payments, also has an active business account at our Card Payment Provider - which is currently Stripe. Their Stripe account is linked to their Local Shop Hub account. This enables that:

  1. Local Shop Hub steps out of being in middle in terms of payment processing;
  2. Funds of each card payment go directly to the Stripe account of the relevant Businesses straight after an order placed and its payment has been approved by the Stripe - so Local Shop Hub don't receive and forward any funds from any orders placed in Local Shop Hub Webshop, it's fair enough, isn't it?
  3. The balance of each Stripe account is transferred to each Business' regular Business Current Account linked to their Stripe account every 7 days.
  4. If an unlikely event occurs (disputes, chargeback from Customers' Card Issuer, etc.), it needs to be handled between the Business and Stripe directly.

Accepting Credit Card payment on Local Shop Hub is based on both Local Shop Hub Business's and Stripe's Terms and Conditions.

For further information, please see click on the links above.

How much commission would Local Shop Hub charge after purchases?

Good question, even better answer!

Local Shop Hub offers several price bands that suits all of Business' needs.

Commission based (with no flat fee) or small flat monthly fee with Zero Commission are both exist.

If you pay monthly fee, Local Shop Hub DON'T charge you any flat fee or any % (percentage) based on the value of purchases placed in your Local Shop Hub webshop.

So you pay ZERO commission to Local Shop Hub regardless the value of purchases, the number of purchases per month,etc. !

What are the limitations on number of Customers, purchases, products etc. in Local Shop Hub webshop?

Good news! We are not operating based on limiting numbers of any of these. So you can handle:

  • UNLIMITED Customers;
  • UNLIMITED Purchases;
  • UNLIMITED Products

in Local Shop Hub. And unlimited means unlimited!

What kind of business's can benefit from Local Shop Hub?

If your business targets residential Customers, regardless if you have a walk-in shop or you offer call-out services, you simply cannot afford not being part of Local Shop Hub. Simply click on top right corner to add your business now!

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